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Cleaning Packages & Odor Elimination

Certified Cleaning Package

  1. Dry vacuum carpet
  2. Precondition carpet
  3. Agitate carpet
  4. Steam extraction
  5. Application of fabric softener
  6. Groom carpets

Recommended for those carpets that NEED EXTRA ATTENTION.  Heavily soiled, pet issues, etc..

*Ask about POWER SCRUB

* You can add Scotchgard
* You can add furniture moving


Budget Cleaning Package

  1. Precondition carpet
  2. Steam extraction

 Recommended for SPRUCING UP of carpets that are in   good to great condition.

*Ask about Power Scrub

* You can add Scotchgard
* You can add furniture moving

Odor Elimination

     * Smoke
    * Cooking Odors
    * Pet Odors

Pet Odor and Stain Treatment

  1. We use a UV light to find all the pet stains
  2. We treat the carpet, pad and sub floor
  3. We extract the urine out of the carpet and pad
  4. Carpet is then cleaned with package of your choice

Call us for more details and to get started today!

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